>Still gadding about

>Visitor: Caroooool! Yoo-hoo! Where are you?
CB: Oh, sorry. Guess I have been quiet lately. This week I’m in South Carolina at a hermit week for writers.

Visitor: That doesn’t sound very exciting. What’s a hermit week?
CB: Several writers (10-12) all convene in this great beach house and ‘hermit’ ourselves away during the day and… (wait for it, it’s astonishing…) we WRITE!

Visitor: Okay, but don’t you do that anyway?
CB: Well, yes, I do. But there’s something freeing about knowing you don’t have to stop and make supper/let the dogs in-out/feed pets/bring the mail in or water plants that let’s your mind stay in the story longer. If we need a change of scenery during the day, we can write on one of the great verandahs overlooking the beach/sitting on the beach/hermited in our room or any of the great sitting areas around the house.

Visitor: A bunch of females in one house sounds like it could be noisy. You sure you’re getting anything done?
CB: Who said it was all females. (heh, heh). Oh, wait. we are. Hmm. Yes, we’re writing. That’s the whole point. You see, there’s a moratorium on noise during the day. It’s verrrrrry quiet and if there’s talk, it’s in hushed tones or whispers. The most common noise is the gentle clacking of typing on a keyboard.

Visitor: Sounds boring. I think of a beach house as being boisterous. Sand and sun and all that jazz.
CB: Oh, you gotta have play time! Mostly, writers just love being among other writers. We have fun too, but our noisy time is over dinner and drinks in the evenings after the work has been done.

Visitor: Okay, you’ve sold me. Can I come next year?
CB: Sure! Just don’t take my room. I’ve got it all picked out.

Visitor: Thanks for dropping by.
CB: Hey, cut it out! It’s MY blog. I appear here frequently or infrequently, depending on the work load. Next week is the big move, so I could be scarce.

Have a great day, visitors!

About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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  1. Cat Schield says:

    >Well, I’m officially jealous. That sounds like so much fun. Altho, I’d probably need a vacation afterwards. I’d be so tired. Have a great time!


  2. >Me too!!! That does sound fun.Love the dialogue here, Carol. Great post.Have fun at the retreat.Tami


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