>Sunday Summary: This-n-That

>This past month, I’ve been the queen of mini-posts/hit-and-run blogging/(enter your favorite description here). Honestly, my concentration has been on getting back into a writing routine now that the bulk of my relocation chores are done. A horrid stomach bug mid-week put a crimp in that plan and isn’t completely erradicated from my system yet, but I’m–hopefully–back on track.

According to T.Steven’s (Mnging Ed – Red Sage)tweets, she’s rejecting a lot of material lately. Hope mine isn’t among them. 😦

I thoroughly enjoyed Allison Brennan’s guest chef spot at PF&HT last Friday. Great advice and inspiration given in the Q&A throughout the day.

Monday we’ll have author Stephanie Bond joining us with news of her many releases this Spring, so check it out. Oh, and there’ll be prizes!

It’s been raining and dreary in my neck of the woods for several days now, but today it’s warmer, the wind is kicking the clouds away and it looks like Spring may have arrived. My fingers are crossed because I’m ready for it.

Oh, hey, that won’t work for typing. Guess Spring is on its own. I’m off to write.

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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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  1. >Hey Carol: Sitting in a tea house with ginger green tea and slightly chilled weather. About to start working on that @#%$*** synopsis for Maggies. :))


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