>Happy Mother’s Day!

>There were days when my children were young that I thought we should’ve had a Mother’s Day every month. LOL These days, my kids have flown the coop, I miss them every day, and my rugrats are four-legged and furry.

This week was very chilly and rainy in southern Maryland. That’s great news for the new lawn we’re trying to baby, not so much for exercising outdoors. Over the last two weekends, we dropped seed, spread half a dump truck of topsoil and raked it into the existing grass. With two large bird dogs and a cat, it’s been a challenge (understatement!) to keep the hardwoods clean. My hubby found a great sign that we hung by the sliding glass doors in the sunroom. It reads, “My windows aren’t dirty, that’s my dog’s nose art.” Only this week, it’s muddy paw prints. It’s bad enough, I even had to drag out the carpet cleaner!
Today’s Menu:
What menu? Hubby better be taking me out to eat. [g]

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