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We live in a rural area. A developed neighborhood, so it’s not totally countrified, but still rural. Even so, we’re within several miles of a lovely boutique winery that has some nice perks. I’m not much on red wines, but Tarara has a nice Charval that fits my tastebuds well. They also have outdoor concerts every Saturday evening during the summer and that’s up my alley as well.
Hubby and I use these Saturday evenings as date night. The stage sits on a grassy knoll with a small lake as backdrop. We sip wine as the sun ebbs away, eat take-out or goodies from home and enjoy the music for several hours. The photograph is of Shane Gamble performing on August 7th. An enjoyable concert. This last weekend it was 2U, a U2 tribute band that is exceptionally good. We’d talked it up so much after hearing them last year that six of our neighbors and two other friends joined us.
We’ll move from this place one day, but we’ll remember the friends, the fun, the bands and not-so-quiet date nights.

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  1. >I LOVE this! Sounds like a fun time.I'm not much of a wine drinker but I think I'd love to try the different ones and some of those concerts, too.


  2. Pam says:

    >Wow, this sounds like my kind of place! There's nothing like an outdoor concert and a bottle of good wine shared with friends. "2U" – good name for a U2 cover band! 😉


  3. >It is a fun time, y'all. We really enjoy our Saturday evenings.Pam – 2U's website is How perfect is that? They acually follow U2 when they tour the US and play in the small venues for those who can't afford to go to see the genuine band. They're that good.


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