Thursday Three: The good, the bad, the yummy

We got a nice soaking rain on Tuesday, so yesterday, Hubby and I pulled grass and weeds in the garden. Two hours of that and we were soaked, with sweat dripping off our noses!

The garden is producing peppers and radishes and cucumbers. In addition, I cut a few okra pods yesterday and one tiny cherry tomato. Looking forward to more of those! Meanwhile, my neighbor checked in. It seemed she had no cucumbers and lots of cherry tomatoes so we did a trade. Even with that and me canning 7 pints of Bread and Butter pickles yesterday, I still have 12 pounds of cucumbers to process. Ack!

I’m diligently searching for Dill Seed to make Hamburger Dills and Polish Dill Spears with. Apparently, everyone else in the county is making pickles, because the Dill Seed slots are empty in the stores. Hubby promised to look for some during his trip to Little Rock today. Fingers crossed…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In my last post, this little guy had taken a dip in my pool and I’d fished him out. I’m sorry to report he tried swimming again, this time when I wasn’t around. Hubby found him in the skimmer basket last evening. So sad. Then I noticed Mama Phoebe on the nest again. She’s got another baby! This one is smaller than Pool-loving baby. Perhaps he’ll be smarter as well.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Haven’t done a menu in a long while. I think I’ll revive that practice.

Yesterday’s Dinner Meal:
Crawfish Boudin
Fried Okra
Oven ‘fried’ spiced potato wedges
Iced tea

And that concludes Thursday’s three. Have a great day!

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Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of "Sizzling romance with heart and humor." She almost always has a glass of sweet tea within arm's reach.
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