Tuesday Tidbits: Baby bird rescue, garden/harvest news + +

Big happenings on the homefront yesterday and today.

Nesting Phoebe update: Mama Phoebe has been diligent in her efforts to keep her babies fed. I had no idea they were big enough to leave the nest, yet only one remained in it this morning. I took a flash pic of the little tyke and it startled and tried to fly! Crash-landed on my deck, sat there awhile, flutter-hopped its way over to the bistro set, tried unsuccessfully to fly to the bottom rung of the chairs. No go. Mama and Daddy Phoebe flew in, chirped encouragement from the chair backs then retreated a bit farther off.

I got a close-up before he tried flying again. Little dude (or dudette) doesn’t look before he leaps, went right into the pool. I fished him out only to have him hop right out of my hand and back into the pool! Fished him out again, this time with a better hold. Ended up putting him back into the nest where he occasionally perches on the edge, then retreats to safety and accepts the yummy worm and bug treats the parents bring in. Maybe tomorrow he’ll be strong enough to try again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Garden Update: If you caught the last garden post with pics, you’ll be amazed to see its current state. Growth explosion, and along with it, more harvest. Yesterday’s take? 12.1 pounds of cucumbers. I believe I see pickle preparation in my future.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yesterday, I posted a short excerpt from Bittersweet Obsessions and would love to hear your comments/reactions to it, so feel free.

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8 Responses to Tuesday Tidbits: Baby bird rescue, garden/harvest news + +

  1. pamelavmason says:

    Where did all those cucumbers come from??
    I used to love refrigerator pickles. Now my MIL has alzheimer’s & I failed to get her recipe. Oh well…
    Precious little bird! Glad you fished it out of the pool! Mega bird bath!


    • Sorry to hear about your MIL. 😦

      There are a lot of cukes, and probably more coming off tomorrow. We got a nice long rain today and that usually means growth spurt. Upside is I’ll probably have tomatoes to eat too. (My fav!)

      Mom & Dad birds were so anxious and they continue to hover close. I guess they’re ready for him to leave the nest so they can ‘retire’. LOL!


  2. Oh Sweet! We have a nest similiar to that in the corner of our porch. So far we’ve had two sets of babies in there this year. And the other day I discovered a nest in my hanging flower baskets. We are trying to keep the house looking good for potential buyers, so I didn’t want to not water the darn plant. I found a way to water it a little in the morning, some in the afternoon and then more before bed. This keeps the nest from getting wet and momma bird happy.

    LOVE cucumbers. If we lived closer, I’d have to hit you up for some. I seriously have a black thumb. I’ve tried the garden, but the only real food we’ve gotten from one are tons and tons of radishes. Not so bad, but they do get old…grin…

    Keep us posted!



    • If I lived closer, I’d definitely share my cucumbers. I have some soaking in salt right now that will become Bread and Butter pickles. Yum.

      I love that found a way to water your plant and not disturb the birds, but what a pain.

      Looks like the little guy may be gone today and Mama Phoebe is sitting on the nest again.


  3. Oooh, email me some cucumbers! We have our THIRD nesting of white wing doves on our patio, and will probably have one more before the season is over. Our newest chicks should leave the nest by late next week.


    • If only I could e-mail them, I would. I’m even thinking about harvesting the next batch as minis so I can make gherkins.

      Do doves make as big a mess with the fecal sacs as the Phoebe’s do? Looks like a poop party took place on my deck.


  4. Pam Asberry says:

    I am totally jealous of your garden! But I am starting to harvest tiny tomatoes – just enough for a small salad every day – and will have jalapeno peppers soon. We don’t have any bird nests this year – we had one under our deck last year, but that family didn’t return – but we do have some sort of lizard guarding eggs under our recycling bin. I need to try to get a picture! And I need to get started on Bittersweet Obsessions! 🙂


    • Those tiny tomatoes are often the best and sweetest. Yummy!

      Yes, you do need to get started on Bitersweet Obsessions. Conflict, sex, complications, sex, and sweet, sweet love await you. Visit Pamela Mason’s blog on Friday and read her review of it.


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