Tuesday Tidbits – 7/26

While I was browsing the internet the past few days, I ran across these tidbits and thought you might find them of interest. 

Author Ann Patchett opens her own independent bookstore in a time when many are closing. See her reasoning here 

1st Author Interviews: Billed as “for authors seeking an audience.” Well, what author isn’t? 

Writer friend Marilyn Baron is featured on the blog Garden Girl ‘Reads N Seeds’. Cool interview with glimpses into Marilyn’s back-story. Marilyn is the author of A Choir of Angels and Follow an Angel. 

If you’re a fan of paranormal fiction or paranormal author, there’s a new website/blog/e-zine that’s tailor made for you. Jessica Aspen, Lori Corsentino, Mary Guida and Hillary Seidl have teamed up to bring you ParanormalFreebies.com. Their About Us page says, “Each month you will receive ParanormalFreebies.com E-zine and see all the opportunities that are out there for you for FREE! New books, giveaways, BOGO’s and author appearances are some of what we expect to see on our pages. Author interviews, news about what is about to be released and other fantastic information will be in ParanormalFreebies.com E-zine.” Yay! 

And over at Prizes For Readers, a bunch of authors have teamed up to bring you super prizes, but HURRY! Entries for the current giveaway of your choice of either a Kindle or over $100 in e-books ends July 31st. 

The Independent Author’s Network has a slew of goodness on their site for authors. A reader’s directory, a list of independently published authors, an e-zine, a blog, and a trailer park (for your book trailers). Membership fee required. 

If you’re looking for inspiring blog content, take a peek at Pam Asberry’s blog, Sometimes it’s Cloudy, Sometimes it’s Clear.  

An good friend of mine, author Terry Spear, was mentioned in the Bangalore Mirror, of all places.

On a disturbing note, the same newspaper had this article in it about a 14 year old house maid forced to suffer indignities, molestation and torture. Horrible! 

And since I’m sharing ghastly news, I’d like to take this moment to send my sympathies to my Norwegian friends and all of Norway for the unfathomable massacre there.

Last, a quick reminder that my novella, Phantoms & Fantasies is on sale through Sunday at Smashwords. 

So, that’s it from me. Have you run across any good tidbits lately you’d like to share?

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Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of "Sizzling romance with heart and humor." She almost always has a glass of sweet tea within arm's reach.
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  1. Great links. Thanks. I’m going to check them all and try again to leave a comment on Marilyn Baron’s guest post. So far it hasn’t let me. Grrrrrr.


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