Bustin’ Buttons Proud

Hi everyone. I’m guest blogging today at Delilah’s place. Come on over and find out what recent event has made me bustin’ buttons proud.

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Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of "Sizzling romance with heart and humor." She almost always has a glass of sweet tea within arm's reach.
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2 Responses to Bustin’ Buttons Proud

  1. Michele says:

    Congratulations to your son! My younger son is certified as a wilderness fire fighter and wilderness first responder. He is working in North Carolina this summer while looking for a full-time fire position. He spent three years in Utah as a park ranger, including search and rescue and an occasional call to a fire. Isn’t amazing to see your “baby” grow up to do such adult work? I understand why your buttons are bustin’!


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