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>Book Buzz Tag

>Thanks to Lynn’s tag, you’re being treated to this… Rules:I am going to list three categories of books: 5 MUST Read Books, 5 Books on Your Nightstand, and 5 Look For These Soon.Anyone I tag should put these same lists … Continue reading

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>Laugh out loud funny

>Sorry about the drive-by post, but I just had to share, after laughing myself silly. Read the caption too. Link originally found on uber-funny blog: WARNING: Danger of hilarity induced tears and painful abs after hard laughter.

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>American Idol – teleprompter kerfluffel

>In a recent article, folks are up in arms about the use of teleprompters on the Tues and finale American Idol shows. For those people arguing that the contestants should have been more professional and learned their lyrics, I have … Continue reading

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>Tuesday Tidbits and A-I

>Over at I Heart Presents, Lynn Raye Harris’ winning first chapter and synopsis are on display as well as her editor’s comments. Wow. What a strong story and great voice. I have no doubt Lynn will have great success as … Continue reading

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>Am. Idol – Top 10

> I TIVO’d it. I always do. Can’t stand to watch commercials. Stellar night. The guys won, hands down. When my son came in from work I had to replay Michael Johns and David Cook for him. Mind you, he’s … Continue reading

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>A-I, Top 8 Guys

>Damn, they did a good job. I may have to rethink my earlier assessment of Jason Castro. Maybe he just knows his niche and does it well, because his performance was the bomb. The 3 David’s were on their game … Continue reading

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>AI, Season 7

>AI is a favorite show of mine and has been for years, although I’m usually not one to blog about such things. This morning I was reading Belinda’s blog and AI was the topic. While writing a comment, I realized … Continue reading

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>Walking with Dinosaurs

>Gah! I don’t want to even think about how long it’s been since I last blogged. I have discovered since then that planning a conference for upwards of 300 people is a huge undertaking requiring many, many hours of labor. … Continue reading

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>Pictures of Savannah

>I promised you pix of Savannah and here they are: This is one of the beautiful squares found throughout the city, which gives Savannah a good part of its charm. They’re so serene, you just want to sit a spell. … Continue reading

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>Tues Tidbits: Weird art

>Have I mentioned my preference for unusual or odd bits of news? Today I ran across an artist in Yahoo’s People On The Web. The article was titled “Strokes of Genius” and I have to agree with that assessment after … Continue reading

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