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Peach festival a #FoodFail

Last weekend, Hubby and I ventured out of our backwoods hideaway and attended the Johnson County Peach Festival. Located in Clarksville (the county seat), the festival consisted of booths flanking the courthouse and adjacent streets. A church parking lot held … Continue reading

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Missing Thursday – have you seen it?

I’m missing a day. In any normal week, I sit down at my computer, work awhile, get up to cook and do laundry and even occasionally bathe and venture out into town for more supplies when forced to by my … Continue reading

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So far, so good

>I know I’m tempting fate here, but I figure whatever is, is – or that ‘que sera’ thing, y’know? Apparently holding your laptop upside down and beating the crap out it works pretty good for getting wine off the keyboard. … Continue reading

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Oh, noes!

>Hubby spilled wine on the keyboard of my computer. I grabbed tissues to blot, he turned it upside down and shook it, quick, then we left it lying on a towel for awhile. In the middle of that, he held … Continue reading

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My Award

> Today I was awarded this lovely Picasso bouquet from Carol Kilgore with the conditions that I tell you seven things about myself and extend the award to seven others. Right now, I’m thinking the snow in my front yard … Continue reading

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>What’s the deal with this time of year and chores? It seems like every time I check off one thing, I think of two to add. And what was I thinking, broaching the subject of having a little get-together for … Continue reading

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>Google Bomb

>Just stopping by to drop a Google bomb on Amazon Rank. Don’t know WTH that means? It’s all about Amazon’s recent stupidity. Check it out here and drop a Google bomb of your own.

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>Curious book titles

>Today I received an e-mail from Amazon regarding what they believe are the best books of April. I clicked on it, saw eight book covers with the titles listed underneath. I won’t list them all here, but the thing I … Continue reading

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>Head shots

>I recently had professional photographs made so that I’d have something to offer when head shots are called for. The Put Your Heart in a Book contest asked for one, so this is the picture I chose: My hubby and … Continue reading

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>This was in an e-mail I received today from my brother, which is kind of interesting because I rarely forward jokes and junk e-mails but receive tons of them. Some senders actually do most of this, but there are just … Continue reading

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