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>21 Life Rules to Remember

>My sister forwarded this list to me–Thanks, Sue.–and I thought it worthy of passing along as well. Normally, I glance and delete these kinds of e-mails, but this one had no threats or guilt attached at the bottom. Gotta love … Continue reading

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>Still working…

>Yep. Revisions. They’re not that extensive. Honestly. It just takes concentration. One change affects other areas, which means another small change further in the book. Gotta make it all seamless, y’know. Then I’m having a couple CP’s read through, to … Continue reading

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>ASW is expanding some with the revisions I’m making. God, I love these characters and their story. It’s becoming more…cohesive and that makes me happy. Anyone else in the midst of a cold wave? It’s been in the 50’s lately, … Continue reading

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>Lurking in class, a confession.

>On a small Yahoo loop I’m on, we talked about online classes and taking multiples at one time, how sometimes you just have to lurk and take notes rather than participate. This month I’m taking 2 classes and just discovered … Continue reading

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>The Pointer Sisters…

>sang “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it. …” and boy can I relate. Ever since I received that request for revisions yesterday, I have these euphoric moments where I just have to stop and SQUEEEEE! The cat … Continue reading

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>Great News & a step forward

>I got some great news today regarding the requested full manuscript (A Suitable Wife) on Susan Litman’s desk. She e-mailed me, made lovely, lovely, print-the-e-mail-&-frame-it comments about my story and wants me to do revisions. Oh. My. God. Picture me … Continue reading

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>Videogenic. Wat’s it mean?

>Videogenic. Telegenic. I ran across the term telegenic in a bio on Heath Ledger. Sounds enough like photogenic for me to surmise what it means, but I like to be accurate, so I looked it up. Merriam-Webster’s definition: well-suited to … Continue reading

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>The winds of change

>I predict that the next generation will be much more adaptable to change than this one. It seems every time we turn around there’s a new wave of technology to learn, a new way of communicating, of storing things, listening … Continue reading

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A Sunday Short

Just dropping by to offer you a thought for the day that goes along with my “submit, submit, submit” slogan for 2008: You must keep sending work out; you must never let a manuscript do nothing but eat its head … Continue reading

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>Lot’s of nuthin’

>That’s what I have in the way of a blog post – lot’s of nuthin’ important, but a little update. This week I’m feeling accomplished because I:__Finished a project, wrote the Q & S and submitted it.__Set up schedule for … Continue reading

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