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>I’ve been…dripping

>Constant dripping hollows out a stone. – Lucretius My apologies to anyone who happens to still be checking on my blog for whatever reason. I’ve been…dripping. Why? See the quote above. That’s my way of telling you I’ve been trying … Continue reading

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>Big whoop

>Finally, a whole day without rain. Yay. Not much else to draw on for blog inspiration today. I cleaned house, did laundry and obeyed my furry creatures’ commands like a good mistress. Unfortunately, DH and I miscommunicated again and I … Continue reading

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>Wednesday’s Word: bastion Wat’s it mean?

>Bastion \BASS-chun\ (noun) MSWORD’s definition:1. strong supporter: somebody or something regarded as providing strong defense or support, especially for a belief or cause, or a place where there are such people2. fortification: a fortified place3. projecting part: a projecting part … Continue reading

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