Peach festival a #FoodFail

Last weekend, Hubby and I ventured out of our backwoods hideaway and attended the Johnson County Peach Festival. Located in Clarksville (the county seat), the festival consisted of booths flanking the courthouse and adjacent streets. A church parking lot held bounce houses and the like for kids to play.

We took Sophie with us in an effort to continue her socialization. She’s used to a leash and harness, but it was stressful for her dodging so many feet, trying to scarf up every stray potato chip that hit the ground and following her nose to an ocean of enticing smells. She’s only five months old, so she drew attention. Kids squealed and patted. Adults called her over and petted. Some even asked to hold her. Mission accomplished. It didn’t take long for us to have a hot, tired puppy.

We’d timed our arrival late in the day, about parade time, and figured we’d eat there. While weaving our way between business booths and those with homemade items, we kept an eye out for food trucks, especially since we’ve seen several in previous forays into this town. Soon it became clear that this event was woefully behind the times. #foodfail Where were the food trucks with a meal, with semi-gourmet fusion foods and fresh ingredients?

Instead, we found snow cones, ice cream, nachos, footlong corndogs, hotdogs, kettle popcorn with various toppings, fried cheese, fried pickles, funnel cakes, fried pies and some drinks in large jugs that I wouldn’t even venture to guess at their contents. Ugh.

Oh, wait. This was a PEACH festival. There was one booth with peaches by the half-bushel for sale and one with homemade peach ice cream. Hubby and I dined on footlong corndogs, fried pickles and bottled water. At least it was filling and Sophie could drink water out of the little cardboard tray which held the pickles. Being a big ice cream fan, Hubby bought a scoop of the homemade peach for dessert. There was a very faint peachy flavor but the cream was missing. Another #foodfail !!???????????????????????????????

I brought along my camera, hoping to get a few interesting shots for a blog post. This was the only one I took.

I wish I could say the parade was worth the trip, but honestly, we could have tied bows to our truck antenna and joined in. Perhaps I’m being too much of a negative Nellie. Perhaps I’ve outgrown small town celebrations. In the end, Hubby and I were successful in socializing Sophie and I got this blog post, so the trip was not in vain.

Have you had a #foodfail experience or successful puppy socialization you’d like to share with me in the comments? I’d love to hear about it.

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