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>Protecting the Work

>Thanks to Gail Dayton, my accountability partner, for the title and phrase for this post. I was thinking in terms of believing in your story, etc., but her phrase “protect the work” fits SO much better. Thanks, Gail! It’s taken … Continue reading

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>A Character’s View

>I learned a lesson in characterization. From my older brother, of all people. As writers, we’re reminded to ‘see’ the scene through the eyes of our characters. Often I ‘see’ the room/town/terrain with the character’s profession or gender in mind. … Continue reading

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>This lovely obsession

>Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend. Some of you may have noticed due to the three days off work some received. My DH & I took a short trip to see relatives in So. Carolina and something cool happened. Lately, … Continue reading

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>Right Brain? Left Brain? ???

>I can never remember which side of my brain controls what. Sometimes, I’m very creative (like with writing) and others times I love to do all kinds of puzzles and logic problems. Where my writing is concerned, I like to … Continue reading

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