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Multi-tasking and head-banging

Okay, so the last WIP I started didn’t get such great feedback from the CP’s. (No, I’m not trying to make ya’ll feel bad – I need honest, unbiased feedback.) I was only 3 chapters in, so put it on … Continue reading

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Hot & Sexy opinion

>Linda’s been raising the question: What is hot & sexy? Good question. To me, hot & sexy romance is the slow burn. It can hit fast, or begin after years of friendship but it endures. But it’s the build up … Continue reading

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Turtle Speed

Geez, it seems like I’m writing at turtle speed or not at all this week. I managed to clean up KiTA, Ch. 1 and finally found an ending. Thanks to my CP, Linda, I now have a better idea of … Continue reading

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Foreplay revisited

Well, I don’t feel so bad now. Steph’s comment below about using the plotting board after she’s written the book makes so much sense to me. LOL! Okay, so some of you may think that’s a little back asswards. That’s … Continue reading

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