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I pitched! I scored!

Lest you think I’ve become athletic (Now that WOULD be news!), I’ll tell you right up front that I’m talking about my pitch in the Editor Pitch Challenge for Harlequin Mills and Boon’s Medical Romance. That took place yesterday and … Continue reading

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Out and about

Today I’m blogging on PFHT, sharing a little snippit of my new WIP, Prescription for Love, and talking about torturing Lanna and Tom through conflict. Come on over and join in the conversation.

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R is for ‘pass’ ???

>These days, agents and editors alike seem to be ‘passing’ on projects rather than rejecting them. Okay, maybe it does sound gentler and less personal. They’re not rejecting me, they’re passing on my work. It still stings. Like today when … Continue reading

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Angela James on PFHT

>Would you like more information on Carina Press? Need to ask managing editor Angela James a question? Go to PFHT today and get your questions answered.

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Submissions gone

>Well, if you said, no chance to my last post, you were right. Post offices in the boonies don’t carry IRC’s. Drove into the nearest real town and had to go to the main PO to get them, but succeeded … Continue reading

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One down, two to go

>Sending off my partial to the editor today. It has to go to Canada and I live in the boonies. What do you think the likelihood is that my post office will have International Reply Coupons for return postage, hmm?

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First submission of 2008

> Yes, I’m still alive! My first submission of the year just left my outbox, and nary a Crainesian in sight. Ack!   I’ve been over it a gazillion times, but I just KNOW if I look again, I’ll see a mistake … Continue reading

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3rd time charm

>Seems Yahoo is messing with my e-mails and Kathryn’s too. Re-sent P&F for the 3rd time. Success! Kathryn wants the full and I sent it. Woo-hoo!

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>Still waiting to hear if Kathryn received P&F. Maybe they don’t acknowledge receipt. Maybe she’s too busy taking over Jude’s duties while they’re trying to increase production. Maybe I just need to relax. Then again, Insight is due to be … Continue reading

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Spinning wheels

>Yesterday I re-submitted Phantoms & Fantasies. Due to a change of office personnel, it may have gotten lost. Kathryn asked that I resend and I did. Guess I’m starting the countdown over again.

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