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What’s going on? (No. 3)

Not a lot to report to my viewing audience out there. My butt muscles are about back to normal after the horseback riding incident. The diet is going well. I bought a FitBit off of eBay and am tracking my … Continue reading

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Writing wins and woes

I’ll keep this upbeat, highlighting the writing wins and brushing by the woes. Deal? 🙂 Lately, I haven’t been blogging (obviously – duh!) but I have been doing other writing and writing related stuff. For instance, writing as Carol Burnside, … Continue reading

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Here’s what’s up

Today is my day to blog on PFHT and the post is titled, Cycle of life and a ruthless mom. I think you’ll like it. Last weekend I got an unexpected opportunity to attend a writer’s retreat in the Ozarks. … Continue reading

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Wise words for the creative

Are you a creative individual who occasionally gets the doldrums about your talent? For purposes of this post, I’ll use writing as the creative outlet, but the doubts can easily be attributed to anyone who engages in a creative outlet. … Continue reading

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>Okay, I know what you’re thinking. What does wallpaper have to do with writing? Well, I’ll tell you. I was thinking how great it would be if I had write and wipe boards on all the walls of my office. … Continue reading

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