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Today is my day to blog on PFHT and the post is titled, Cycle of life and a ruthless mom. I think you’ll like it.

Last weekend I got an unexpected opportunity to attend a writer’s retreat in the Ozarks. Since it was just over an hour north of my house, I zigged and zagged up a twisty, turning two-lane highway and arrived at a beautiful cabin retreat which I shared with eleven other writers. It was great to be among others who ‘get’ the writing lingo and understand when your head isn’t in the moment, but still whirling with dialogue and plotting. We had some serious writing moments and a lot of laughs. It’s a new RWA chapter for me and I’d only met a couple of the women once before, but I didn’t let that stop me and I’m glad I didn’t. Such fun and my manuscript grew! (Follow the link and see fabulous pics.)

The garden is growing. Here’s what it looked like two weeks ago. Now the tomatoes are large enough that Hubby had to stake them. and everything is greener. Guess I’ll have to take more pics and post more often.

The cukes and watermelon are getting ready to send off runners and the corn is almost a foot high. We’ve eaten several ripe tomatoes already and Hubby gets onions and peppers straight from the garden for his morning omelet. Not bad, eh? The radishes are almost ready to pick too.

I’m not sure what’s going on with my patio tomato plant. It was flourishing and several of the larger tomatoes ripened. They are really sweet and juicy, so I’m bummed that it suddenly turned yellow around the bottom and several of the leaves were nibbled on by some pest. I’m babying it and have my fingers crossed that it will continue producing.

Get a load of these happy bell pepper plants. These are red and orange bell peppers. Keep in mind this picture was taken two weeks ago. Today the fruits are much larger and each plant has at least three with more blooms. I’ve never grown bell peppers because until recently I’d never eaten them. Couldn’t stand the green variety and it didn’t like me back, so I never tried the other colors. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the red, yellow and orange varieties taste completely different and are sweeter. These will be chopped and sliced and frozen for soups and omelets and such. Yum!

That’s about it for me. What’s going on with you?


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Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of "Sizzling romance with heart and humor." She almost always has a glass of sweet tea within arm's reach.
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  1. Thanks for the link Carol! I’m glad you’re so brave to come away with a group of women you’ve never met before. We enjoyed your company!


  2. I just wanted to publicly thank all those who stop by, read and “Like” my posts. It’s lovely to know someone has stopped by and interacted. I don’t feel so alone anymore. LOL


  3. carolkilgore says:

    Love your garden! I’m jealous. We tried one here, but we have too many squirrels. They were getting fat. Red bells are my fave.


    • We’re not plagued with squirrels, but rabbits are plentiful. Hubby had to put chicken wire all around the bottom portion of our garden fence to keep them out. Still one got in last year and had a lovely time munching.


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