>Okay, I know what you’re thinking. What does wallpaper have to do with writing? Well, I’ll tell you.

I was thinking how great it would be if I had write and wipe boards on all the walls of my office. Now that would be something, because I have few large expanses of wall in my office. But then I thought – what about tacking up that newsprint stuff you can get on a roll? That would be awesome! I have a formal dining room seldom used and there’s a great wall in there I could paper. What a cool way to brainstorm problems in a manuscript or plot out a new book. Just scribble on the ‘papered’ wall, scratch through what you wanted to discard, and voila – the genius stays on the paper. I’m constantly thinking through ideas, and the phone rings or the dryer beeps, or something else interrupts and I forget where I was headed in my thought process. (Can we say short attention span? Duh!) But this would be perfect. I could have a ‘papered’ wall in every room. Can’t you see the possibilities?

I’ve got a 4′ bulletin board for one wall, but it holds stuff I don’t want to take down. WIP stuff. So, I NEED something else, don’t you think?

Hmm… Reality sets in. My DH would think I’d lost my mind, and it wouldn’t look too swift when company comes over, so maybe I’ll go back to the drawing board on this idea – or the write and wipe board as the case may be. I think a 6′ foot one should do nicely.

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  1. >Inexpensive way to get a large dry erase board — buy a sheet of the white paneling that goes in bathrooms (smooth) — it runs about $17 for a 4×8 sheet and you can screw it to the wall, put wood trim around it (or not) and you have a huge board for half the price (can you tell I work in a budget-challenged school?).


  2. >But, that’s a lot of trouble, Linda. I’m allergic to work and that sounds a lot like work. Wally World should have an inexpensive one, don’t you think?


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