Unexpected Inspiration

Out of the blue, I received an invitation to a wedding. My brothers wedding.

I’m a romance writer. See where I’m going? It wasn’t an ordinary, run-of-the-mill invitation and the wedding will be just as different which I thought was rather cool.

Anyway, the uniqueness of it all set the gray matter to churning and an idea formed for a new book. Not the whole plot, but a decent idea to work off of. I could see a whole series forming… but wait! I have a book already plotted. Well, mostly plotted. KITA is almost ready for me to begin writing. So I jot down the jist of my idea and send to the idea bin in my computer along with all the myriad of other ideas that may or may not develop into an actual novel or short story one day.

You’re dying to know what the idea is, aren’t you? Well, sorry, I’m not telling. Too much talk about ideas and story lines, and actual verbatim manuscripts being stolen. What? You haven’t heard? Well, where have you been? ::snicker:: Nah, it was just something I read on Larissa’s Blog . But it’s scary, y’all.

I sweat too hard over these books to have someone else write about the same exact plot line. Especially if that someone writes faster than me. No thanks. I’ll keep my little nugget to myself and maybe someday I’ll develop it into a full novel. Who knows? Might be THE ONE. The breakout novel. The one that brings The Call!

Ever notice that writers usually refer to that first call from an editor who wants to buy your book as ‘The Call’ – with caps? There’s a reverence there. An awe-inspiring, heart-pounding, lump in your throat kind of euphoric terror in those two words. No way I’m risking it being taken away from me, for as much as I’d love your comments as to the sheer genius of my idea (Who’s laughing? Stop that this instant! Is that you Linda? I can hear you, ya know.)

She knows what I’m talking about. Linda has a partial sitting on an important editors desk and it’s driving her crazy.

Gotta run. There’s writing to do.

About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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3 Responses to Unexpected Inspiration

  1. >A full, darling, a full! And yes, it’s driving me insane — I can say that here. I can’t relax until after five every day, when the mail has been checked and business in NY has closed, LOL.


  2. Carol B. says:

    >I most humbly apologize. Yes, of course, a full! What was I thinking? Maybe I wasn’t thinking. This 3-day headache has me quite weary.


  3. Teresa says:

    >Thanks for the comment on my blog Carol. And I too am weary of posting too much about my ideas/wips. But I must say, don’t you just love it when inspiration strikes!?Good Luck! Oh, where in GA are you located? I live close to Lake Lanier.


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