Blog time, unwanted fodder

Geez has it been 3 days already since I last blogged? My how time gets away from you. I’ve been fighting with a nasty headache. Guess it’s a migraine, seeing as it lasted three days, was gone for a day and is creeping back again. I just want a pain-free head to think and write with. Is that too much to ask? Seems like on everyone’s blog I look at, they’re talking about being sick. The world is sick, nay, the universe!

It’s winter and its weird temperature fluctuations that’re the culprits. Why can’t we have milder temperatures, like in Hawaii. Now that I could live with. Sure, it rained torrents in the winter in Hawaii, but the temps rarely dipped below mid 60’s. Okay, enough wishing and nattering about things I cannot change.

I have more fodder for the research mill. Monday night, DH was gone on a biz trip, and I set the alarm and went to bed, oh, around 3:30 a.m. (yes, I’m a night owl). At 5:30 the burgler alarm sounds it’s shrill cry, making me mucho grateful I was shut up and locked inside my bedroom with the phone, a panic panel, and the dog. I coded in the numbers to silence the irritating shriek, and stood, heart pounding, waiting, straining to hear anything that might suggest an intruder. Phone rings – it’s the alarm company –

Code 1 burglar alarm has sounded. Am I all right?

Yes, but I have no idea WHY the alarm is going off.

Should they call the police? Or would I like to check the house?

Oh, um, yeah actually. I’ll love to step foot outside my bedroom and brave whatever creep might be waiting to rape, maim, kill, or just relieve me of all my personal belongings of any worth. No problem, or rather NO!

But, I do – I freakin’ do!!!!!

Why on earth, I haven’t a clue, but just like the TSTL heroines in those scary movies that I never watch because I can’t see paying to have the bejesus scared out of me, I unlock my bedroom door, proceed out into the dark depths of my home, and check each and every room, closet, peer under beds, and just about expire on the spot every time I have to open another door.

Geez Louise, I never realized how many places there are for a person to squeeze into or things to hide behind in this house. You have to understand. We have 3 floors and probably 20 rooms plus closets and suddenly creepy shower curtains.

It took me awhile to make my way down to the basement. Even finished out, it’s still scary. And then I discover – the walkout basement door is unlocked! Oh God, that’s it. I’ve been walking around inside a death trap. I’m toast!

The basement has the creepiest rooms, between the utility/storage room and the uber-dark home theatre. Now, THAT one was a treat. Even with the lights on full, it’s dim in there. And every moment, I’m still clutching that phone like a lifetime, the alarm guy’s soothing voice telling me he’s staying with me, I don’t have to do this. If at any time I feel uncomfortable, he’ll simply press the button and the police will come. I’m thinking – yeah, and find my dead body. Either there’s a burglar here to cause me bodily harm, or my heart is going to leap right out of my chest. Either way, I’m still toast and they’ll never make it in time.

But, no evil crazy lurked behind any of the doors I opened. No one grabbed me, or beat me over the head. None of the wild scenarios that ran though my head actually happened, but I have great fodder for the next suspenseful moment that crops up in a WIP. I still have no clue why the burglar alarm went off. Maybe someone tried the front door and tripped it. Maybe it was the wind. Who knows.

They say write what you know. We all say TSTL heroines act in a way that no real person would. But this real person did exactly what she knew she shouldn’t – and at risk of great peril – all because the waiting and not knowing would have been worse than confronting the possibilities on her own.

I learned something about myself on Monday night. I’m a little braver than I thought I’d be in such a situation. Still, I’m thinking, a little can of pepper spray in the old nightstand might not be a bad idea.

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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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