Foreplay revisited

Well, I don’t feel so bad now. Steph’s comment below about using the plotting board after she’s written the book makes so much sense to me. LOL! Okay, so some of you may think that’s a little back asswards. That’s fine. Stay in your little neat, orderly world. Mine just won’t fit there. I am, however, going to try to stretch how far ahead I can plot with each and every project. Guess that’s more along the lines of the way Alison uses it?

My reasoning is that someday I’ll be book published and will have to write a proposal. That includes 3 chapters and a synopsis, I believe. Imagine that! Knowing enough about your book that you can write even a loose synopsis before you finish it.

The idea boggles my mind. Is that where you totally BS until you think it sounds good, then go write a book only vaguely similar?

Can you hear Linda laughing at me, secure in the mental video of her book? I can. (Hey, she’s the one keeps telling me she’s LOUD!)

Where’s that darn PAUSE button?


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2 Responses to Foreplay revisited

  1. >I am loud. Very loud. But secure ’tis not the adjective for me right now! You should know that. I think my VCR is broken. Sigh.


  2. >Is it because she pushed the PAUSE button? Where’s that darn remote? I’ll wrestle it away from her.


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