The Aftermath

Check out the great offerings available and get ready to bid on an auction to help fellow writer,
Larissa Ione, who lost her home and possessions to Katrina. Larissa lived in Gulfshores, MS. Read her latest, heart-breaking message. More on her situation on Steph & Alison’s blogs.

KATRINA’s Aftermath
Rescue efforts. People rejoicing at being rescued. Animals being saved by the hundreds. People opening their homes to those who no longer have one. Hundreds of Millions pouring into the Red Cross coffers. NY bartenders raise their glasses to raise monies. 90% of the Superdome refugees airlifted out. Stay up to date on the New Orleans/Katrina situation here. There are some good news reports coming out of this.

This man is very angry with the situation:

Tons of information and additional links to be found here.

Want to open your home to a Katrina-homeless family? Register here:

Know someone devastated by Katrina who needs the right resources to get help? Look here.

The intrepid nature of man continues… A man reports on the benevolence of strangers helping rescue strangers in New Orleans. I first saw it on Kate’s blog.

Missing a writer friend you know was in Katrina’s path? Author Vicki Hinze is keeping track of who’s checked in and who hasn’t.
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I’m sure there are hundreds of other helpful links, but these are ones I’ve run across and found informative.

God, bless those in Katrina’s path and those who are lending a helping hand in whatever way they can.
Adding on: CNN is posting the names of those who want to get word to their friends and loved ones that they’re okay. Thanks to Jaye for the link.

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