Book Oopsies!

Don’t forget Larissa and Charlotte.

Has anyone read Kimberly Raye’s TEXAS FEVER??? (Blaze)

Good story, sexy premise, hunky cowboy hero and hot heroine.  Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoyed the book, but on pg. 155 the hero replaces the transmission on a wrecked car.  Then on pg. 205 he starts removing the old cracked one – again. Oops!  I guess gremlins put it back in???

These kinds of things give me nightmares.

In one book I wrote, the hero was a cop and–to keep it authentic for that town–his work schedule had to be taken into consideration in plotting the book.  I chose the prime shift, which had him working 6 am to 4 pm Sun-Wed.  He was a single father and this put him home in the evenings and on weekends with his son.  Everything revolved around this schedule.   At one point, I realized I’d started the book on a Thurs (before I’d learned about the work schedules) and had Mack answering a motorist in trouble call – only Mack didn’t work on Thursdays. Oops! One slight revision later… I ended up with a three-month calendar to track my scenes so I wouldn’t goof on his schedule again.

I have plans to expand that manuscript into a series of 5 books. I can’t even imagine the kinds of details I’ll have to keep up with then. While they will be stand alone books, I can only imagine I’ll need more like several years worth of calendars, an Excel spreadsheet and a lot of notes since they will involve siblings of the first couple.

What do you use to try and keep the Oopsies! from happening in your books?

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  1. >I have CP’s who (hopefully) catch all that stuff. 🙂


  2. Carol B. says:

    >yeah, yeah… I hear ya. 😉


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