2 MO and Counting

Well it’s now been two months since my partial of Return To Paradise landed on Wanda Ottewell’s desk in the Toronto Harlequin offices and a lot has happened since then.  Hqn changed the guidelines for Desire, and they’re monkeying with the word counts of lots of the lines, not that anyone can clearly figure that move out.  I’m thinking I’ll just keep writing, hoping and praying.  Anyone want to join me with those last two?  Or even one?

About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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1 Response to 2 MO and Counting

  1. >Hugs and good luck, Carol! I understand the frustration. Seems like HQL is always changing something these days. Just keep writing. I’ll do the same. 🙂


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