>I’m here, I’m here!

>LOL! It’s getting pretty bad when blog visitors are leaving “Where are you?” messages. (Hi, Elisabeth! Thanks for waking me up.)

I’ve been hybernating, I guess you’d say. Flying under the radar where the internet is concerned. We’ve had guests come and go, more coming in Friday. So in between trying to keep up with my volunteer obligations, write, and keep the house straight and clean, I feel like I’m on a merry-go-round. While the first guests were here from Texas, we went to the new Georgia Aquarium. Take a look at these pics. The first one is of a Beluga Whale cavorting, the other one of the four whale sharks in a gargantuan tank with 2-foot thick plexiglass walls.

While the whale shark isn’t full-grown yet, it’s supposed to get up to about 27-30 feet. For perspective, the big fish back by the shark’s tail is approximately 4 feet long. We also visited the CNN center and walked through Centennial Olympic Park. In other words, we played tourist in our own city. It was a nice day.

I was going to show you a picture I took there, but can’t get it to load. Maybe another day.

These days, I’m re-working my first manuscript, starring Sam and Rosie. It’s not so much a revision as a re-write. After monkeying with the outline, Rosie’s conflict and motivations, I’ve started writing and am about halfway through Chapter 3. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to settle on one thing lately. I’m also working on a short story for aTRUE magazine and have a couple other projects in the works. When I get tired of working on one, I work on another.

Murphy (remember the new puppy?) is getting big. Fortunately we live close to a lake, because he loves to swim. That makes DH happy, because he’ll probably take to duck hunting like…well, a birddog. LOL.

That about catches you up on me. What’s been going on with you?

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