>2007: New Year, New Goals

>Carol’s 2007 Goals
My big push this year is to increase productivity in book-length manuscripts.

Slam Dunk:
__ Finish actual book #4 (KiTA), polish and submit or pitch to editor
__ Write book #5, (WH?) polish and submit or pitch to editor.
__ Send critique submission to DG
__ Send critique submission to MC
__ Write and publish at least three articles
__ Write at least five short stories and submit
__ Enter 3 or more contests, including: Maggie, GE, GH
__ Enter GRW’s March workshop
__ Pitch to an editor (and/or agent?) at RWA Nat’l
__ Pitch to an editor and/or agent at M&M
__ Judge 1-2 contests, incl. Golden Heart
__ Blog regularly–doesn’t have to mean daily. Get a plan and stick to it!
__ Update website as needed – post better content
__ Moderate GRWannounce and RWCOther listserves
__ Perform duties as Hospitality Chairman of GRW with concentration of duties around M&M in fall
__ Attend RWA Nat’l Conference in Dallas
__ Volunteer at RWA Nat’l Conference in Dallas

__ Write or at least pre-plan NB (Bk #6)
__ Re-assess viability of plans for the Mikels/Rycker series

Pie In The Sky: (These are the ones that would be a dream come true. I have little control over some of these other than to write the best books I can.)
__ Get a request for a full
__ Sell a book
__ Final in a contest (or 2!)
__ Win another contest (or 2!)

Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it!

About Annie Rayburn/Carol Burnside

As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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6 Responses to >2007: New Year, New Goals

  1. Terry says:

    >Great goals, Carol!!! Good luck on them! 🙂


  2. Carol B. says:

    >Thanks, Terry. I’ll need some luck and a lot of determination to check those manuscripts as done!


  3. >Good luck! That’s quite a list. I’ll be happy just to finish my dang first draft of my first book!Happy New Year, btw.


  4. >I’m so excited! Just received my back copy blurb for PERFIDIA, a thriller set inside the Third Reich, due out in September. Former title was Blood Moon Over Berlin.Please go to my blog to read it!http://moragmckendrickpippin.blogspot.com/


  5. Carol B. says:

    >Dang, Morag! That’s exciting. I’m headed over there to check it out.


  6. Carol B. says:

    >Thanks, Nienke! HNY to you too. Good luck on finishing your book.


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