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>I’m a writer. I understand the importance of usage and grammar.

I’m also an individual who finds most of today’s news depressing. I enjoy The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric because she tries to do an uplifting story at the end. I also have bookmarked on my Yahoo toolbar a section of news called Oddly Enough because it contains the odd, quirky, and sometimes just plain stupid things that happen in our world. For example, today’s headlines contained such oddities as
“Drought drives snakes to the cities”
“Start sex on the right key with musical condoms”
“Petshop owner creates beer for dogs”
‘Grammar Girl’ a quick and dirty success

So you can understand my delight at having run across this gem that embodied two of my interests. Apparently “Grammar Girl” saw a need for q & d advice on grammar and punctuation. She provides it in podcasts that people can get on iTunes and the show/blog/advice column is becoming quite popular. So if you’re having a grammar crisis, check GG’s archives out here.

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