>Pictures of Savannah

>I promised you pix of Savannah and here they are:

This is one of the beautiful squares found throughout the city, which gives Savannah a good part of its charm. They’re so serene, you just want to sit a spell. Guess that’s why they have benches scattered around. 🙂

I don’t know that this church is historical or anything, but I thought it made a beautiful picture with the trees and spanish moss in the foreground.

Oh, yes. The spanish moss laden crepe myrtle was in an old cemetary that had this plaque at the entrance.

A couple of times I went out and forgot my camera. I know, I KNOW! But strange things strike my fancy as things appropriate for picture-taking.

Like the Yellow Fever Epidemic sign in the cemetary and this sidewalk. Probably a replica, since we were allowed to walk on it, but cool in it’s composition of locally available ingredients. Can you tell there’s sea shells in there?

See? It’s doubtful you missed anything of import.

Sometime in the near future, I’ll post pics I took last night while at the Walking With Dinosaurs show at Phillips Arena.

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4 Responses to >Pictures of Savannah

  1. >Hey, Carol, I like your choice of photos. Different things speak to each of us. Keep snapping whatever catches your fancy. Would you believe I’m trying to blog more regularly? I even joined a new group blog. Cindy and Melba are there with me.www.pinkfuzzyslipperswriters.blotspot.com.


  2. Carol B. says:

    >Hi, Mary!Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have to check out your new digs.


  3. Lynn Daniels says:

    >Great pictures, Carol. Thanks for sharing! As for the church, that looks like the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. If it is, it’s Georgia’s oldest Catholic Gothic Revival Church. It was dedicated in 1876. That church was being restored when I visited a bunch of years back.


  4. Carol B. says:

    >It was a Catholic church, so you might be correct. We were on kind of a tight schedule, so I was snapping pix when I could.


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