>Lurking in class, a confession.

>On a small Yahoo loop I’m on, we talked about online classes and taking multiples at one time, how sometimes you just have to lurk and take notes rather than participate. This month I’m taking 2 classes and just discovered another that should be of real value to me, both because of the instructor and subject matter. *sigh*

The 1st one I signed up for is short – 2 weeks in the middle of the month.
The 2nd one is all month long and you learn more through participation.
This 3rd one should really be of great value – takes place the last 1/2 of the month, but I suspect I’d get a lot more out of it if I participated. And I really want to take it.

Ack! And I have revisions coming from an editor. Double ACK!!! Okay, worse case scenario, I’ll lurk on them all, copy/paste for later reading and get the revisions done.

Even in person, I managed to lurk during H.S. Can you see me? Back of class (they usually put us in Alpha order and my maiden name was toward the end of the alphabet) textbook propped open and upright on a stack of others and I’m reading from a juicy category romance that the teacher can’t see. Even my mysteries had romance. 🙂

Come on. It’s confession time. With all the avid readers out there, I can’t be the only one who did this. There must have been some time when you neglected your education for more personal pursuits. Fess up.

Today’s Menu:

Leftovers from last night. I cooked way too much just for me. Oops!

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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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4 Responses to >Lurking in class, a confession.

  1. Cat Schield says:

    >I’m not sure I ever lurked in high school because our rooms were too small, but now college, that was a whole different world.You sound very busy with all your classes and revisions. Last month I took a Writer U class and lurked in the beginning. By the end it was all I could do just to keep up with the twice weekly lessons.Best of luck!


  2. >I definitely lurked. 🙂 Once, I spent the entire day reading The Great Gatsby because I had a test on it the last period. And I hadn’t yet read it. LOL, I bet I was the freshest kid who took the test! I’d just read the end right before she handed out the exam. I tried reading at other times, but I never managed a full day of cramming in a novel like I did TGG. 🙂 I think panic set in with that one.


  3. Randy says:

    >Can’t say I ever did that, BUT…I remember making a phony cover for a James Bond book that had S-E-X in it. I wrote “Six Fairy Tales For Children” on the front…don’t think I fooled anyone, though.


  4. Carol B. says:

    >LOL, Randy! That’s hilarious.


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