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>5 BIG reasons to have CP’s

>It amazes me when people confess that they don’t utilize critique partners (CP’s) for whatever reason. Either they’re shy about their work, they don’t like others reading their work (In which case I’m left wondering why they’re seeking publication – … Continue reading

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>Lurking in class, a confession.

>On a small Yahoo loop I’m on, we talked about online classes and taking multiples at one time, how sometimes you just have to lurk and take notes rather than participate. This month I’m taking 2 classes and just discovered … Continue reading

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A Sunday Short

Just dropping by to offer you a thought for the day that goes along with my “submit, submit, submit” slogan for 2008: You must keep sending work out; you must never let a manuscript do nothing but eat its head … Continue reading

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>A Friday Freebie

>Writers can be real worry-warts. We obsess about our characters, their conflicts, their backgrounds, whether or not we have enough conflict. So for all of you out there with conflict issues, check out this CONFLICT TEST. Okay, so I posted … Continue reading

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