>New (temporary) digs

>Hubby and I are in Virginia now. We’re staying in a hotel that accepts pets. My mornings are drastically different these days. I can’t just open the back door and let the dogs out. Instead I must actually get dressed straight out of bed (horrors!), leash up one dog, take him out for exercise and necessary bizness, and repeat the procedure. The cat is a breeze by comparison. On the up side, there’s a free hot breakfast every morning and maid service.

Everything has been unpacked that can be. The rest sits in a warehouse somewhere waiting for us to find a house. That process starts Friday and Saturday.

Thanksgiving is courtesy of Cracker Barrel, complete with pie. Yum! And no mess to clean up. Hubby and I may even take a drive and scout out some of the homes we’ve been looking at on the internet.

Hey, you lurkers out there…Tell me, what’re you doing for Turkey Day?

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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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  1. >Hey Carol,I’m glad you are kind of settled in. I hope the weather is being nice to you… How is the house hunting going???Because of my surgery, hubby and his mom made Thanksgiving dinner. Hubby did most of the work and his mom was kind of there in the advisory capacity… grin….I have to say I’ll be glad when I can get moving again. I feel like a slug. I’ve read a huge stack of books and am now getting back into the homework mode just in time for finals next week…. blehhhh….Anyway, that’s my holiday week. Hope everyone had a great day and weekend.Tami


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