More white stuff

>OMG, it’s started snowing again. Another accumulation of 10 inches expected on top of what we already have. Gov’t has closed offices for two days now. I expect they’ll stay closed another day or two.


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4 Responses to More white stuff

  1. >Stay warm. Even here in San Antonio we have sleet forecast for today and tomorrow.


  2. Cat Schield says:

    >Bet you're missing Georgia right about now. I feel your pain about the snow. The mounds outside my house have reached epic proportions. Keep warm and safe.


  3. >Oh, yuck, Carol. I remember ice storms in north Texas. Not fun. Be careful out there.


  4. >I am, Cat, I am! This afternoon is so windy, we can't tell if it's still snowing or the wind is just blowing around what's already on the ground!


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