Yep, that’s me – MIA. I’ve been missing from the blog lately and there’s been action going on, just not here. 🙂

I’ve got a major project in the works that has a fast deadline, so I’m spending the majority of my time working on that. I’ll reveal more on that at a later date.

Another project I’ve been helping to work on is a new web look for my group blog Petit Fours and Hot Tamales. We’ve had a couple of setbacks, but we’ll unveil that very soon.  I think it’s coming along nicely and looks pretty sweet.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  How about y’all? What’ve you been doing?

About Carol Burnside / Annie Rayburn

Carol Burnside is an award-winning author of "Sizzling romance with heart and humor." She almost always has a glass of sweet tea within arm's reach.
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4 Responses to MIA

  1. tamibrothers says:

    Cool on both accounts. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on. 🙂



  2. pamelavmason says:

    Me too! I’ve missed you!


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