Livestock escapees and phone tag

For those of you who don’t already know, I live in a rural area. More rural than I’d have it some time. So yesterday I get this call from Hubby that the neighbor’s cow is out and about in the neighborhood. Not your everyday phone call, but more surprising is that Hubby is in Denver this week. It seems Neighbor #1 didn’t have Neighbor #2’s phone number and thought Hubby might have it. He didn’t, but I did. I called Neighbor #2 and she brought the escaped cow home.

This morning Neighbor #2 woke me with news there are three stray donkey’s bothering Neighbor #3’s horses, which we let run our pasture. Neighbor #2 was on her way to town and didn’t have the Sheriff’s number in her phone. A quick lookup and phone call to the Sheriff’s office took care of that.

While neither of these things are the norm around here, things usually happen in three’s.  I’m wondering what other livestock my neighbors might have that could roam our yards and road. So far a cow and donkeys. What’s next, a sheep or goat, maybe a Llama?

What out-of-the ordinary stuff has happened to you lately?

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3 Responses to Livestock escapees and phone tag

  1. Michele says:

    I hope the camels I saw in a field in rural PA last fall don’t escape! I live in rural PA, so what you wrote feels familiar! I live in town (pop. 3,500), but we do get bears come through the yard, and deer, and we can sometimes hear the coyotes further up in the woods (we are on the very edge of town, right where the woods start).


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