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#amwriting today for NaNo…

and to increase my productivity for the year. #amwriting every day of this month (I hope). Progress is happening, though I’m not ready to show word counts yet. Maybe when they’re more impressive – nuff said? Three things I forgot … Continue reading

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Perks from crazy leap

Some might say I was crazy to enter a pitch for a manuscript I’d barely begun. Some might be right. 😉 But nothing ventured, nothing gained, hey? From my crazy, impulsive jump into the fire (so to speak) has come … Continue reading

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What’s goin’ on?

I’ve been hinting at a new project because I wasn’t sure if anything would pan out on it, but now something has and I’m ready to share. I entered the Editor Pitch Challenge for Harlequin Mills and Boon’s Medical Romance … Continue reading

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Wordy weekend

I’m writing. Are you writing or at least reading? NaNoWriMo continues. It’s almost as if I can hear the tap-tap-tappity-tap of eager fingers flying over keyboards all across the nation, or maybe the whole world. Cool beans! Honestly, I’m woefully behind, … Continue reading

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>NaNoWriMo is here!

>It’s NaNo Day 1!!! Are you writing? I am, or will be. Give me a break, it’s only 12:02 AM. LOL. I’ve got some GOOD writing NEWS! Bittersweet Obsessions placed at third in the Heart to Heart contest, so no … Continue reading

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>NaNoWriMo Looming

> Hey, anyone out there gearing up for NaNoWriMo this year? This will be my first year trying it. I’m not sure my internal editor will go to sleep long enough to write 50K, but I am going to try … Continue reading

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>Trying times, fought-for words.

>I’m a writer. Writer’s write. I have to keep reminding myself with that little mantra these days, what with life interfering on a daily basis. Do you ever feel the same, like life is full of evil little gremlins, derailing … Continue reading

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>Whatcha been doin’?

>My apologies. I’ve been lax about posting here. Bad Carol! But I haven’t been all bad. I edited about half of HUF after getting back some critiques, entered two contests and am working on getting four more entries ready. I … Continue reading

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>This ‘n That

>I’m starting to make some progress on the CataU challenge. Not as much as I’d like, but I’m feeling much better the last couple days, less coughing and sniffling has helped a lot. I did a bit of blog-hopping this … Continue reading

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>Feeling challenged?

>I’m writing. Working toward that challenge, making progress every day, though I’m already behind thanks to this lousy sinus infection. Ugh! Hopefully, the first day was my worst and the rest will only get better. I’m starting to feel a … Continue reading

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