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That subjective thing again

Okay, so I finally got my stuff back in the mail from the Great Expectations contest this week. I came in 5th. Not a surprise. Didn’t expect to final in the first place. The thing is, my manuscript pgs were … Continue reading

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The right thing and gender differences.

Today I saw a fun thing to try on Annie Rayburn‘s blog and jumped in. 😉 Sure enough it took a sample of my writing and thought I was a guy, too. (Go try it, it’s fun.) So, she and … Continue reading

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That slippery rug!

Geez, every time I think I’ve got my balance… FKOG finaled – AGAIN! This time in the 2005 unpublished Laurie. Y’all, I’m just… I don’t know. Overwhelmed, I think. WOW. I’ve posted all the finalists below. Special Congratulations also go … Continue reading

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