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Here and there

>I’m blogging today as a Guest Chef at PFHT, telling about my latest sale. I’d love it if you’d stop by and say ‘hi.’

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Out with the old, In with the New

>Can’t say I’m not glad to see 2010 go. It brought much stress and sorrow into my life. The year exited quietly at my house, helped along by a bottle of the bubbly stuff which hubby and I shared. Though … Continue reading

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>Is it in the air?

>In my last post I mentioned a fellow chapter mate who’d sold. This week I have news of another writing friend who got THE CALL. Lynn Raye Harris, who won the Presents contest, has sold her winning manuscript to the … Continue reading

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>I’m dashing off this post and playing catch-up today. Let’s see, I think the last update was announcing the move and house preparations. Those are done and the house is on the market. Hubby and I took a quick trip … Continue reading

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>The silver lining

>If you read my last post, you know I was stressing a bit. (Ahem!) Okay, a LOT. So I thought I should mention that this weekend did bring one nice suprise: a contract from Dorchester Media. Woo-hoo! Writing income.It’s for … Continue reading

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>Short Story sold

>Wow, has it really been 12 days since I’ve posted? I’ve got to get with it. Today I got home from my RWA chapter meeting to find another Dorchester contract in the mail. This time I sold a full-length short … Continue reading

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>Mini SOLD

>Just a fly-by posting to shout out my good news! I was very excited to see an envelope from Dorchester in my mailbox today. Previously, I sold True Romance a Loving Pets feature, but this is my first confession story … Continue reading

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Home again and a surprise

Well, I’m back.  My hubby and I had a very nice trip. We substituted Disney World for the Keys seeing as how hurricane Rita was coming through, then we ended up in Miami for a conference he attended. I came home … Continue reading

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Getting started

Yesterday was my DH’s birthday and I got a gift. Weird, huh? Late in the day, an e-mail arrived from Kathryn Struck of HeatWaveRomance (a division of Awe-Struck E-Books Inc.). She said their editor “said a resounding ‘yes’ ” to … Continue reading

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New happenings

Let’s see… last post was on Oct. 7th. At the end of that day I received a congratulatory e-mail from Helen Polaski, Editor for Adam’s Media’s The Rocking Chair Reader. My short story, “Homecoming” has been selected for inclusion in … Continue reading

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