I’ve been tagged. :(

Okay, Marguerite tagged me this morning, so you can all blame her. ::snicker:: And if I’m getting the gist of this, I’m supposed to answer some questions from her blog and then tag 5 more people to answer the same questions on their site.

Total Number of Books I Own: I can’t even compete here. We’ve moved too many times and given to charity and libraries so much that my selection isn’t that impressive. Besides, they’re in three different bookshelves on 2 different floors, plus under the bed and in my office and in my nightstand and… well, you get the picture.

5 Books That Mean A Lot To Me:
Oh, geez. I have a terrible memory. Can’t think of a blamed thing, then someone mentions a book and I’m like, Yes! I remember that. It was wonderful. Sheesh! Um…

How about the last 5 books I read instead? I’m doing research on Silhouette Desires, so they would be:

1. The Tempting Mrs. Reilly – Maureen Childs
2. Heart of the Raven – Susan Crosby
3. Bedroom Secrets – Michelle Celmer
4. Wait For Me – currently reading manuscript for CP, Elisabeth. Great book. Hope the world gets the opportunity to read it, too.
5. Only Skin Deep – Cathleen Galitz – current bedside reading.

It just occurred to me this is an awful lot like those pesky chain e-mails I despise. Well, anyway, I’ll pick Elisabeth, Linda, Katie, Katie, and … YOU, whoever you are, Tag! And don’t come back complaining. I’m just doing as I’m told, like a good little blogger.

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As an author of sizzling romance, Annie takes contemporary settings. and incorporates twists with sci-fi and paranormal elements.
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4 Responses to I’ve been tagged. :(

  1. kacey says:

    >you know, I got tagged and just refused to even consider how many books I have…it was just…too embarrassing. I’d never put it in writing! *g


  2. >Aw, you’re sweet. :)I’m glad you’re enjoying Wait For Me. Now, if I could just get WH to bite on the partial I sent. *grrrr*


  3. Carol B. says:

    >Kacey, I understand. If it weren’t for the moving around the country, I’d have the same problem. I read where someone had 3000 books. I’m like, start a used bookstore! LOLElisabeth, I meant it. They should not only bite, but BUY it, too.


  4. Katie says:

    >Hiya Carol!I have enough books that they could have a house to themselves…sad but true, I keep everything…lol.


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