New pics of pup!

Puppy update! Here’s Sophie as she looked on Monday.



Compared to two weeks before:

Sophie and sis 5 wks 4-7-13


Can you tell a difference?  I can. Her ears are longer as is her body, the shape of her head is more Spaniel defined and her fur has grown some. Sophie’s also weaned at this point and has lost some of her ‘milk fat’. There’s even a teeny bit more pigmentation on her nose now. I think she’s quite the awesome little lady. The second pup is her sister, who has one blue eye and is equally adorable. However, there was something about Sophie that appealed more to me.

She was so sweet. At this stage, having been away from her mom for several days, she was eager to cuddle and be cuddled. I loved the little snuffling noises she made while burrowing under my chin. I even got a few puppy kisses.

I can hardly wait until Monday afternoon when she can finally come home to meet her big brothers. In anticipation of the event, I have a crate ready, bought a new puppy-sized bed for her and several toys. Still to be done:  Cleaning and sanitizing old puppy dishes and purchasing a play pen for her safety (and my sanity).  😉

In other news around the home front: My sister came to visit and got to meet Sophie. We had a nice extended weekend. Hubby drove us all to Bentonville to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit at Crystal Bridges museum and we enjoyed a nice meal at Houlihan’s. Sis and I reconnected with an old friend from days gone by and even snuck in a little shopping. It was a busy few days.

Upcoming? Gardening – what else this time of year? It’s planted and we’re anticipating seedlings any day. Also, more crocheting. I promised to make a sweater for Sis. Her office stays chilly, even in summer, so I’m working on that here and there.

Also on the agenda:  Writing!  You didn’t think I’d tossed that aside, did you?  I’m not ready to talk about the particulars just yet, but there will be some updates on that soon. In the meantime, check out my Books pages for your reading pleasure. Short stories? Got those in Insight and in Seasons and Seashells. If you want a little more length, go for Phantoms & Fantasies, my novella. Looking for novel length? Go for Bittersweet Obsessions or better yet, get them all and indulge in a little feel-good reading. Nuthin’ wrong with that.

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  1. Adorable!! Can’t wait to hear how she does at home — what her furry little personality is like. 🙂


  2. Susan says:

    Super cute new pup. She will be happy having a home with you. I can’t wait to hear about the new writing projects.


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